Goodnight Nobody

“Hello?” I tapped on Kitty Cavanaugh’s red front door, then lifted the brass knocker and gave it a few thumps for good measure.

I took this book from the library because I wanted some not completely idiotic chicklit. Weiner (In her Shoes, Good in bed) seemed like the woman for the job.
Goodnight Nobody certainly has chicklit elements (the endless mentioning of clothes and looks, the unhappy, used-to-be-amazing main character), but I assume most chicklit doesn’t come with suburban murder. After my initial surprise (where is my Oh-No-With-Who-Will-She-End-Up storyline?) it was a nice change.

Main character Katie used to live a poor but happy life in NYC, but is now nothing more than a Slummy Mummy in a Super Mom community in Connecticut. Being an ex-journalist, she rises to the chance of losing the feeling of being without purpose when one of the mothers is killed. Research and adventure and first loves popping up again fly past.

I’m not a mother, so maybe the never ceasing thoughts of self-doubt about parenting are common, but those are what bothered me most about the book. But besides that this if you find it somewhere and/or don’t have anything else. It’s not bad, just very, plainly ‘okay’.

Goodnight Nobody, Jennifer Weiner, Simon&Schuster 2005

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