A Catered Affair

My mother opened the front door, kissed me hello, rearranged my fringe and pincered an imaginary piece of lint off my jacket without missing a beat in her phone conversation.

I liked this chick lit. For the first one-third of the novel it isn’t exactly sure with which man she’ll end up, the side-characters are funny without being bizarre characters (I’d like to read a story about Grace and Scarlett) and instead of endless descriptions of outfits, it’s about food. Much better.

Tallulah is being dumped at the altar. She thought her fiancĂ© had finally grown over his commitment-fear, but of course he didn’t (how else would you get a plot-starting problem). Tallulah (Tally) drowns herself in alcohol, propositions her caterer and tries to rebuild her life without Josh. Her grandmother tries to set her up with numerous dates, her already in-your-face mother gets worse and her sister Scarlett tries to get pregnant. A lot is going on.
A previous love of her life shows up, the caterer turns out to be a great friend ..what will happen, what will happen.

A Catered Affair follows the well-trodden paths of chick lit, but Sue Margolis has an enjoyable, self-mocking tone that prevents the story from turning cavity-inducing sweet. It was all I needed after the horror of Afraid.

A Catered Affair, Sue Margolis, American Library 2011

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