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This film probably wasn’t meant to be a comedy. The bad acting and very confusing, full of holes plot made it happen.

Universal 2013
Universal 2013

Oblivion happens in an post-apocalyptic world. It never gets very clear what happened, but it gives us Tom Cruise as the last garbage man on earth and his female partner, who never leaves the space house they live in. Other things she does is disliking gifts and sudden affections and communicating with the enemy (although she doesn’t know that, so just a bad mistake).

The film takes its time. We get some landscape shots, a resistance that seems to be unable to prosper in light (there are a lot of dark scenes) and of course, The Real Love Interest. Who can’t do anything else but keep her mouth open and scream.

Not every film needs to be well-thought through and make sense on every corner. Not for me, anyway. But this is the Tom Cruise show with less than twenty lines (combined) for his female partners, the resistance who treats him as God-came-to-Earth and really bad acting. Go for Minority Report if you want a sci-fi Tom Cruise show, but leave this one to fade into oblivion.

Oblivion, Universal 2013

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