The Dark Glamour


This could have been more. Now it was just detail-riddled (this outfit and these shoes and this new bag and such a pretty home) chicklit with some magic.

Jane Boyle has to lay low to escape her crazy witch mother in law, discover where her husband (who sort of tried to kill her) went and in the mean time discover the secret of her supposed to be dead sister in law. Besides all this she is a powerful witch -which she only recently discovered- and has to get used to her powers.

Gabriella Pierce writes in an amusing way and her details about the rich side of New York could easily feature in a Gossip Girl story. It’s just the navel-staring of Jane that takes the speed out of the story, making every plot point curl up until it’s related to her. I would have liked it better if there would have been more about how the magic worked, how the old magic families worked and arrived in New York.

I’ll put this in the category of ‘Early Summer Read’.

The Dark Glamour – A 666 Park Avenue Novel, Gabriella Pierce, Morrow 2011

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