West of Pearl Harbor, he drove along the Farrington Highway past fields of sugar cane, dark green in the moonlight.

A book written by the guy from Jurassic Park. Richard Preston picked the story up after the passing away of Michael Crichton. I never before read anything by Crichton, so on that account I can’t judge if this story is better or worse than his previous work.

Incredibly dodgy company gathers incredibly smart students to work for them. One of them – with a connection to the company because his brother works there – discovers possibly dodgy things pretty fast.
Things turn into a complete horror after that even faster.

Crichton and Preston go all out on (gross) details. They create an amazing yet terrifying image of nature, but to me the very detailed deaths and murders could have been cut back just a little. Some of them left more of an impression than the story there were part of.

But in the end it’s a successful (sci-fi) thriller in a way that it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Yes, there are people that will do everything for money. Yes, one day there will be technology that could be used for very bad things. I just hope I won’t be around when it happens.

Micro, Michael Crichton & Richard Preston, HarperCollins 2011

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