Night is my favourite time of day.

Chick-lit times coming-of-age times thriller. One of these things is slightly different from the others. Anna Davis almost completely manages to link them together without dropping a ball.

Kathryn likes variety. Or as she puts it: why eat pastrami every day when you can go to several different restaurants. This results in five relationships; one woman, four men. None of them know about each other and Kathryn fits her name and life to every person. When she’s not around them, her life is vacant, it’s just her job as cab driver.
When she meets another man, things start to trip up. She doesn’t want a sixth relationship, but he’s thorough. Two of her boyfriends are making a mess of their lives and the new man seems to be related to their problems. Kathryn can’t keep the balls in the air any more and – both literally and figuratively – crashes.

Kathryn realizes that this can’t go on. That there are too many ways in which she’s pulled and that you can’t save yourself if you’re too busy focusing on others. She tries to change her way of life, but not before discovering boyfriend number six isn’t quite who he said he was. She met her match.

Cheet is a quick read, cheeky but never superficial. Great for one of those long winter nights, for example.

Cheet, Anna Davis, Sceptre 2001

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