Julian Corkle Is A Filthy Liar

Colleen Corkle knew her son had star quality from the moment he appeared.

Julian Corkle is diffeerent in a way that makes his father furious and his mother squeal “Twinkle, twinkle” a lot. Julian is pretty sure about what he wants in his life, but Tasmania in the seventies doesn’t have any room for a sparkling, fabulous, dreaming-big (pre-)teen.

Julian being out there, colourful and different doesn’t make him a love-able protagonist right away.  He is selfish, judgmental and doesn’t want someone else to be better off than him if it means it will take something from him. He is a child with no proper role model, no support and no sense of reality.

Beside the sadness, there is some very cheeky (unintentional?) humour. The characters are absurd without losing a touch to reality and it’s definitely an unconventional way to learn more about Tasmania.

With a whirl-wind ending, Julian Corkle Is A Filthy Liar will leave you with a smile and a warm feeling.

Julian Corkle Is A Filthy Liar, D.J. Connell, Blue Door 2011

Author: vanferdinandus

Ik ben een journalist en schrijver die in drie woorden te vatten is: lezen, creëren, en schrijven. Voor de verrijking van mijn leven, maar vooral mijn plezier, kijk ik heel graag allerlei soorten films en televisieseries, maak ik foto's uit vreemde hoeken en loop door de aangelegde bossen van Nederland.