Julian Corkle Is A Filthy Liar

Colleen Corkle knew her son had star quality from the moment he appeared.

Julian Corkle is diffeerent in a way that makes his father furious and his mother squeal “Twinkle, twinkle” a lot. Julian is pretty sure about what he wants in his life, but Tasmania in the seventies doesn’t have any room for a sparkling, fabulous, dreaming-big (pre-)teen.

Julian being out there, colourful and different doesn’t make him a love-able protagonist right away.  He is selfish, judgmental and doesn’t want someone else to be better off than him if it means it will take something from him. He is a child with no proper role model, no support and no sense of reality.

Beside the sadness, there is some very cheeky (unintentional?) humour. The characters are absurd without losing a touch to reality and it’s definitely an unconventional way to learn more about Tasmania.

With a whirl-wind ending, Julian Corkle Is A Filthy Liar will leave you with a smile and a warm feeling.

Julian Corkle Is A Filthy Liar, D.J. Connell, Blue Door 2011

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