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I know it’s an incredibly easy shot,  but: please abandon your ideas about reading this novel. I’ve heard about Meg Cabot before, possibly even read some of her work, and I had the faintest memory of people recommending this series to each other. I have to stop trusting my memory or other people’s recommendations.

Abandon  used the myth of Hades and Persephone and dumps it on two very moody teenagers. The not-Hades love interest can’t communicate if he can’t use violence or moping, while the not-Persephone is an incredibly naive, slow-witted, klutz of a girl. Possibly up there with Twilights Bella.

Main character Pierce has died once, and returned. People around her die, she doesn’t know what John wants from her and she can’t adjust to her second chance at life in a whole other place. He tries to warn her with unclear hints while she blunders through everything.

Can you like a story when two of the main characters are so incredibly annoying? Because Cabot gives a nice set of ideas, written nicely. She’s just using the wrong poles to hold it up in the air.

Abandon, Meg Cabot, Scholastic Inc 2011

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