The Fall

Tal stretched out his hand and pulled himself up onto the next out-thrust spike of the tower.

My love for Garth Nix’ work is no secret. Time and again he creates new, fascinating worlds and feeds them to his readers without any trouble. The books for younger readers are a little bit milder, while those for a bit older can taste something bitter from time to time.

And he works in series, which means there’s always something new to read. In the world of The Seventh Tower there are Chosen Ones, people with sunstones and malleable shadows, and underfolk. They live in a world of darkness and magic controlled by light and stones. Our protagonist needs to take care of his family and needs to steal a Sunstone. Of course, things don’t go exactly as planned ..

Garth Nix always provides accessible, cool fantasy for every reader. And I’m happy that I have a new series that will keep me provided for a few months.

The Seventh Tower: The Fall, Garth Nix, Scholastic Inc 2000

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