Edge of Tomorrow

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This movie can be used as an example in lessons on Marketing. Mainly, about how not to put something into the market. There were different titles, taglines that were exchanged with the title, trailers that wobbled on different genres and so on. Frankly, it’s a surprise that it didn’t even did really bad, although it’s probably not on the level of a Tom-Cruise-Film.

Edge of Tomorrow poster
Warner Bros.

It is a Tom-Cruise film, but for once he isn’t the super hero, at least not for starters. He pisses off the wrong person and is sent off to the front, to go fight aliens. Something goes spectacularly wrong (he doesn’t even has fighting experience) and he dies.

And starts the day again. Private Cage is caught in a time loop, forced to live through the same day again and again until he takes out the alien alpha. Emily Blunt’s character, Rita, is his mentor, an unapologetic killing machine, the strong yet silent character that’s usually only reserved for male actors. This film isn’t without flaws. Besides Rita there are only two other women with lines, for something inspired by a Japanese manga there weren’t a lot of not-white actors (and again, with little lines) and even though Tom Cruise plays the fool, he still ends up in the unlikely hero trope. But boy, is it exciting and a thrill. Lovely Saturday night entertainment.

Edge of Tomorrow, Warner Brothers 2014

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