Helen watches as the man touches the skate blade to the sharpener.

How long do you mourn the dead? Helen loses her husband in her early twenties, mother of three and pregnant of their fourth child. This doesn’t just turn her into a widow, but in a single parent, in someone who has suffered, in a sore reminder to her surroundings.

Lisa Moore shows Helen’s world, how she carries on without moving on. There is a sadness always present, one that is light and heavy at the same time. Of course she continues living, she has children and a family. Of course she can’t step away from the thought of ‘what if’, of missing the one she decided to be with for the rest of their lives.

Would their lives have been better without the accident? Would Helen and her husband even have stayed together? No-one will ever know, and that’s what the author puts down well.

February, Lisa Moore, Chatto & WIndus 2010

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