Sucker Punch

At the funeral for Oliver’s father I daydreamed about killing my own.

Marcus wishes he was more daring and that he had a girlfriend. Instead, he has a younger brother on depression medication, a father that beats that brother up, a mother that says nothing and a piece of his index finger missing.

Marcus discovers that oldest doesn’t mean that you can save everyone. He is a side character in his own life, while his brother is the main character in their direct surroundings. Does he even deserve to be saved from himself, or is that a horrible thought? He’s just a teenage guy, after all.

In quick, bright, brutal strokes Hernandez shows a world of teen wishes, family and growing up.

Sucker Punch, David Hernandez, Harper Collins 2008

Author: vnfrd

I'm a copy writer, a journalist and a teacher, and my life evolves around reading, creating and writing. I watch a lot and read a lot, and sometimes I review it as well.

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