The Holmes Affair

Arthur Conan Doyle curled his brow tightly and thought only of murder.

A nice start of the year for reading. How many books can there be about Sherlock Holmes and still come up with something entertaining? I don’t know because I’m not a detective, but The Holmes Affair is definitely entertaining.

There are two story lines, both with murders. One in the twenty-first century, a ‘Sherlockian’ testing his knowledge about fictional detective work with a real life murder, the other in the nineteenth century, with Arthur Conan Doyle .. doing just the same. Of course things are connected through time and Graham Moore weaves a pretty net.

Victorian England shows its grubby sides this time, but still manages to be more colorful and exciting than the travel through Europe and rich people’s houses in this century. Arthur is – even though he has some terrible ideas about women – also a more appealing character to follow. That doesn’t mean that the other side is lacking, there is a nice balance.

For an entertaining double whammy of (outlandish) detective work and some grubby Victorian England living, pick up The Holmes Affair.

The Holmes Affair, Graham Moore, Century 2011

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