The Looking Glass Wars

Oxford, England. July 1863.

Alice in Wonderland was real, just not the way you always thought it to be. Alyss Heart is destined to become the queen of Wonderland, but horrible things happen and she has to flee to the world we know as our own. Years pass, and she’s unsure if her past is even real. Until it finds her again: she needs to save Wonderland.

It’s clear that Frank Beddor had lots of fun with this. The well-known characters and world get a spin, the plot moves fast and without any side-lining. It’s bright and colorful and silly, especially the “sound effects” used during battles.

And – a big plus in my book – it’s a stand alone story. Or can be read as stand alone. No super obvious open endings to plot lines that could have been rolled up pages ago, only neat endings. It all comes together in an enjoyable, speedy read.

The Looking Glass Wars, Frank Beddor, Egmont 2004

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