There is no lake at Camp Green Lake.

It’s like a Mad Max fairy tale. Mostly because of the location being the desert and the adults being cruel, dubiously acting monsters, not so much for the end of the world/post-apocalyptic part.

Stanley (‘Caveman’) is sent to Camp Green Lake so he doesn’t has to go to juvenile jail. There’s no green or lake at the camp, Stanley’s innocent and the only thing the teenagers do all they is dig holes. To build character, it is said.

Of course that’s not all there is to it. Stanley’s story is entwined with the story of Green Lake, giving a magic realistic feel to the story of a lost boy. There is definitely something very wrong with (almost) all the adults, giving the novel a tender us-against-the-world feeling.

Louis Sachar makes the desert sand almost heat up the pages, showing an unfriendly world with surprising allies.

Holes, Louis Sachar, Douglas & McIntyre Ltd. 1998

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