Love, Love Me Do

It was like a clock going slowly tick … tick … tick … tick … tick … Baxter could hear it now and he could feel it ticking not just in his head but somehow too inside his stomach as he lay in the grey light of dawn, hot and sleepless in the narrow tousled bench bed at the back of the cramped caravan.

This was one of those books I keep noticing yet always putting back on the shelf. I should have kept this one shelved. Not because it was completely terrible, but definitely not satisfying. A book has to be more wild, exciting, stimulating than this one to have the reader agree with being not satisfied. Now there’s just the familiar ‘huh’ feeling of reading a last page before its time.

“Quirky” one review on the back calls it. I’d go with sad, so very sad. There’s a family in the sixties and the woman killed her dreams for her husband and children while he is a pathological liar with debts and mistresses. The reader follows “how five people get a second chance”, adding two random men instead of the very probably suffering daughter as well. Maybe because the sixties are so very much a men’s world.

The pathological liar is being hunted down for his sins, and things domino-down from there. It’s mildly satisfying, but knowing the character, there will be no lesson nor savior. Just sadness for those that have morals.

Love, Love Me Do, Mark Haysom, Piatkus 2014

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