The Box and the Dragonfly

When Horace F. Andrews spotted the Horace F. Andrews sign through the cloudy windows of the 77 eastbound bus, he blinked.

While sometimes the target group shows, Ted Sanders definitely delivers a bright, vibrant and interesting fantasy world. The author shows that gathering a bunch of tropes (nerd is the unlikely hero, the sullen female sidekick with tragic background, the unreliable good guys and so on) isn’t necessary a bad or unoriginal thing.

Horace discovers a different world full of magical creations and elements and the people that keep them. Of course, just around the time that he’s being initiated as a Keeper, a war is brewing. And he and the other kids need to be on the front line.

Adventures that need their talents and characteristics follow, surrounded by very appealing and grandiose imagery. It’s a book that makes you wonder how the TV series or film would look like. Yes, sometimes there’s a bit too much of wise lessons and repeated explanations but oh well – it’s almost summer somewhere. Make it an adventurous snack.

The Keepers Book 1: The Box and the Dragonfly, Ted Sanders, Harper Collins 2015

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