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Marvel won’t stop (as long as they’re making millions). This time’s turn is for a white, male anti-hero, to stay close to what they’re most comfortable with.

ant-man-marvelAs usual, the viewer gets a quick update about everything connects (Stark, again), before jumping in with violence, jokes, and the right guy at the wrong time.

But this time that guy is Paul Rudd, and he’s very probably the film’s saviour. Always easy in charming everyone on and off screen, he’s the guy that allows to be beaten up, insulted, taken from his daughter and being used as a pawn while becoming the one you root for.

Yes, there is a story about an evil pupil and another amazing yet terrible weapon. But neither evil nor good comes out particularly enchanting. It’s the CGI ants that steal the scene when Rudd doesn’t.

Marvel acted like this movie was a risk to make, but there’s really not a lot of difference with Iron Man or Captain America. Don’t worry, in the end our unlikely hero/underdog will make it. And yet we keep watching. Because of the people involved, because of it looked, because of the need for brainless entertainment. And a very well-trained, half naked Paul Rudd. At least this time.

Ant-Man, Marvel 2015

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