Life Partners

95 min.

Another cute female-led movie(/romcom) that won’t make you feel like attacking your senses in despair.

life-partners-poster-haven entertainmentSasha and Paige have been friends forever. Now they’re close to thirty and their paths have split: Paige has a job, a future, is ready for more. Sasha hates her job, and is unsure about a lot of things. Paige getting a boyfriend and growing into a serious relationship with him only adds more insecurity.

In all too familiar fashion the gap grows, frustrating both sides while at the same time trying to work through/around the What’s Next For Me questions. It’s all very human and accessible, making you shift loyalties every other scene. Who didn’t have that friend. Who has never been the one that didn’t want to say sorry first.

Adam Brody is as usual a nice addition in his Adam Brody character part, but it is Leighton Meester and Gillian Jacobs that give the movie its soft, gooey centre. Underneath the spiky exterior of cursing each other out in public and lonely mozzarella sticks drive through dinners.

Life Partners, Haven Entertainment 2014

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