Jim Henson: the biography

Jim Henson slowly folded himself into a couch inside Reeves Teletape Studio, sliding down, as he often did, until he was nearly horizontal, his shaggy head against the back cushions and his long legs stretched out in front of him.

This isn’t the last mention of Jim Henson’s hair or length.

One of my reading resolutions was more non-fiction, and biographies are a large part of that genre (in my head). Jim Henson: the biography was recommended to me, put on the To Read List and hey, I like the Muppets, I grew up with Sesame Street, why not.

Because it’s still an one man’s story (I should look for a woman’s (auto)biography next). And for over five hundred pages, that’s a lot. Even with someone who did so much, lived such an adventurous and bizarre life. Combine that with sometimes too woolly prose and a lot of repetition and foreshadowing and suddenly you’re going “yeah sure” about a lot of things.

So don’t read this in one go. Maybe per one or two chapters because there is a lot to learn about the history of (children’s) television, puppets and how much of a game changer Henson and his company was.

Jim Henson: the biography, Brian Jay Jones, Ballantine Books 2013

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