123 min.

It’s quite impressive how dull an action movie filled with huge monsters can be.

godzilla_warnerbrosFirst of all, it’s too long. Fifteen minute monologues and dialogues to explain what is going on and why we need to worry, while the introducing theme does that in a prettier way.

Second, it’s very dark. Not grim, but just the colours used. Do huge monsters not like sunlight? Was it cheaper to half CGI a MUTO because it’s too dark to see the rest of it?

The only pleasant surprise to all this is the role of Godzilla (which Netflix mentioned in its summary, shouldn’t that be spoiler-free?), but by then not even huge monsters laying waste to San Francisco (of course it’s San Francisco) can’t even turn the tide. It’s all one big mwah.

Godzilla, Warner Bros., 2014

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