The Wicked Will Rise

The Emerald City was burning.

The second book in the Dorothy Must Die series. And, as how it usually works with second books/serialized books, the follow ups have to work harder to make the same impact. The Wicked Will Rise didn’t manage to do so.

Of course, with some new sides and characters of Oz added, Paige managed to keep some of the magic and twists introduced in the first book alive, but it isn’t enough to outbalance more of the same for the main character(s). Amy’s brattiness is only growing, and even with the excuses she has, it’s tough to accept. There is a glimmer of potential with more attention for the Ozma character, but that fades before it can become solid.

It’s not a huge letdown, it’s not boring or poorly written, it’s simply not a step up from the first book. Turn all this in a TV show and I’ll be watching (because it could be beautiful and wonderful), but I’m not in a hurry to read book number three.

The Wicked Will Rise, Danielle Page, Harper 2015


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