The Good Dinosaur

101 min.

What did I just watch? I can’t remember the last time I felt like I had accidentally pressed play on the (Asian) rip off of a movie, but The Good Dinosaur managed to do exactly that. What’s going on, Pixar? The_Good_Dinosaur_poster

Having dinosaurs and Neanderthals living together? Sure, why not? Have the Neanderthals be the pets instead of the dinosaurs? Sure, turn things around. But with that comes a yogi rhinoceros, Jehovah Witness like Pterodactyls, and T Rexes that shepherd cows? Combine  that with elements seen before in other Disney and Pixar movies and it’s easy to wonder if this movie just had to be made for some unclear reason, instead of being planned/desired to.

The surroundings are made beautifully though, although it makes the clash they make with the cartoony animal characters only bigger. Don’t bother with this one.

The Good Dinosaur, Pixar 2015

Author: vanferdinandus

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