Ruby Sparks

104 min.

For a long time I had absolutely no urge to watch this movie, even felt mildly offended about it. Writer creates a Manic Pixie Dream Girl that is all about him, she comes to life and he’s just so so in love with her. Blurgh, like we need more stories about how men can’t handle/view a woman as an independent person.

ruby sparks posterBut then. Then it showed up on lists of “Underappreciated Films” and people admitted to being pleasantly surprised and getting more than expected. And after Everything Before Us I maybe felt a little bit like an unconventional romance.

Well, that was just part of the movie. Even though writer Calvin promises to not write anything regarding to her as soon as she pops up in his life, it’s clear that this relationship isn’t equal. And instead of learning from that, and allowing her to develop, the ugly relational elements of control and paranoia pop up. There’s even hints of a thriller in this movie, suddenly.

Still, it feels like Ruby Sparks doesn’t want to rock the boat too much with questions about consent and control, ending on a bit of a lukewarm note. Did Calvin learn? We’re not completely sure.

Ruby Sparks, Fox Searchlight Pictures 2012

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