Prairie Ostrich

Egg Murakami is eight years old and her feet are perfect.

If only Egg and her family’s lives were as close to perfection as her feet were. “Not a happy story” is part of the summary of this novel, and they’re not wrong. I’d tell you not to read it on an already bad day, but I’d tell you to read it for the (possible) unfamiliar point of view.

The point of view of a Canadian-Japanese family in white, small town surroundings. Combine with this a death in the family, an alcohol problem and a closeted sibling and it’s understandable that they mention “not a happy family” in the blurb. Egg tries so hard, but no eight year old can change the world by herself.

It being a short story saves it from being completely and utterly depressing. Try it for the point of view and the small glimmers of hope.

Prairie Ostrich, Tamai Kobayashi, Goose Lane 2014

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