It’s a readathon!

I had much fun doing this last year, and this time around I don’t have any family visits/events getting in my way!

I’ll be reading:
Salman Rushdie’s The Golden House (probably finish it, as I’m already on page 185/380)
Maggie Stiefvater’s The Raven Boys
Leslie Feinberg’s Stone Butch Blues (a pdf of the ebook can be downloaded for free from her website)

For back up I have the weekend newspaper (I don’t look too strictly at the readathon rules for a reason), plus the seven Express Service books I’ve got on hold (among them Son of a TricksterManhattan BeachYou are a Badass). Pretty sure I have these 24 hours covered. Is it weird that I’m a little bit nervous about this?

I’ve got tea, a book and silent surroundings. Here we go!


“It is a large apartment and to be alone in it feels like being a fly buzzing inside a bell. I hear the echo of myself and it is not a sound I love.”

The Golden House isn’t such a story you long to read, but binds you in such a way that it’s hard to put down. Still, a laundry break.

Page 249 and 250 are just a summary of Trump’s actions pre-election and they just baffle me again. Bubbles, indeed. Like mentioned on Twitter I got distracted by the fancy kitchen I’m house-sitting in, so still on The Golden House, just started the final part. It’s becoming …dense. I might have to take a break after finishing it. Hey, I still have to tomorrow 10.30 anyway, right?

I finished the book, and was right about needing a bit of a break, although I think that could definitely because I’ve just been reading for a few hours in a row. It’s funny how right now there’s absolutely no appeal to checking Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the Internet. I like to stay in this the read – the reader bubble. I think I’m lucky that both of the planned following books are very different (subject wise) from The Golden House, but I don’t know which I feel like right now.


What mattered was that it was the kind of fight that’s so painful it takes the top layer of skin off your heart.

For such a heavy subject (the abuse of the LGQBT community in the past century), Stone Butch Blues is a very quick read. Or maybe just enticing, or both. I’m 145/347 pages in.

And the first twelve hours are gone. I have six chapters left, the endless abuse, pain and emotional distress of Stone Butch Blues is slowing me down a bit. If I’m honest, I also got distracted by two episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Tomorrow is a new day!

I woke at eight, finished Stone Butch Blues just now. How can one person go through so many things and still survive, but also, possibly — still live? It might not have been the most positive start of the day, but I’m glad I read it. Just no clue yet how I’ll review it.

And here we are again. Maybe reading twelve to eighteen hours (I like sleep) in one go is too much, but the thing I like most about these readathons is how you allow yourself to disappear in a book. As mentioned before, that for hours I don’t care about social media and the internet, and try to add my book to whatever thing I have to do (laundry/cooking). I love to read, and with the right book I can easily read several hours in one go. I wish that feeling upon many (casual) readers.



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