I’m still learning not to feel bad when I don’t finish a book. Who am I reading it for, what will change in my life if I do or do not finish it? The majority of my reading is for pleasure, so why carry on doing something that doesn’t provide it?

My recent DNF (did not finish) were:

Red Birds by Mohammed Hanif – honestly, I don’t know why I still borrow books that call themselves comedy, satire, or have blurbs about hilarious they are;
Milkman by Anna Burns – an anonymous stream of conscience with no head or tails. I like PLOT;
The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett by Chelsea Sedoti – okay, maybe you should expect a bit less from YA, but I don’t care for slutshaming from anyone, especially not a Not Like Other People protagonist.
Oh well, I’ve already read 27 books this year, duds must show up.

Author: vnfrd

I'm a copy writer, a journalist and a teacher, and my life evolves around reading, creating and writing. I watch a lot and read a lot, and sometimes I review it as well.

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