112 min.

This was honestly more fun than I had expected. When you want dumb action-y entertainment, it usually comes with a lot of misogyny, a couple of -isms, and much too long fight scenes.

shaft film 2019It’s not like Shaft (I think this is the second one?) goes completely without these issues: there’s two women with speaking roles and they’re firmly set in the roles of mother and/or love interest. There’s not that many fight scenes but I still zoned out during the ones that are ‘serious’ (opposed to one-sided to show how Shaft Shaft is). And Shaft being black doesn’t prevent him from saying quite some ‘yikes’ things about the villains: people with a Middle-Eastern background.

But. It’s more than the music and the tempo and the lack of ten minute long fight scenes. It’s all very smooth and cool enough to not notice the issues mentioned. It’s Samuel Jackson and Jessie T. Usher smarming and charming. It’s the right vibe without looking dated.

And it doesn’t all that long, so you don’t get too much time to find (more) complaints about it.

Shaft, Newline Cinema 2019

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