6 x 35 min.

Can’t remember the last time I so enjoyed a YA romance, on telly or otherwise. I think that this would have had another To All The Boys-hype level if the majority of it wouldn’t have been in another language than English (I think it’s Hindi).

It has plenty of tropes, plenty of tempo and a tight grip on the plot. I don’t know the original material – YA novel When Dimple meets Rishi – so I can’t compare, but the series delivers everything you might need from a YA romance. Rishi is a romantic, Dimple wants to break free.. side characters that carry their clichés in an honest way, and a surroundings that makes you wish that there’d be a temporary ban on the UK and USA high school as decor.

It’s a slice of teenage life but with amped up volume and technicolour added. And for the romance part: you might not even straight-away know who she ends up with! There’s even replay value! So, I hope for two things: a sequel, and that more people will watch it so we can discuss.

Author: vnfrd

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