Princess Mononoke

133 min.

Princess Mononoke has it all: horror, fantasy, beautiful shots, an epic quest and a sincere romance. Why didn’t I watch this sooner? I mean – I could have: it’s from 1997.

Probably because – and I know it’s risky to admit this – I like the idea of Studio Ghibli films more than the products. Sometimes it’s just too long, too vague, beauty over substance. It’s probably telling that one of the more kiddie ones caught my fancy most.

But Princess Mononoke pulls out of the stops: a cursed prince has to save his village (probably the world) from human evilry influencing nature and turning animals into demons. There’s a wolf princess but human, talking swines and weird little forest creatures that are simultaneously adorable and terrifying. The Life Lessons come at you fast, but not in the sanctimonious Hollywood way: what kind of person would you be if you weren’t touched by the fight of nature versus destruction?

I’ll admit that I still took a few short breaks, but this time it was more about being overwhelmed than suffering my short attention span.

Author: vnfrd

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