96 min.

Diablo Cody is zo’n auteur waarvan men (degene die haar werk kent) erg voor of tegen is. Juno is misschien haar meest bekende film, en je vond de dialogen hartstikke tof leuk grappig of vreselijk irritant. Dat Tully dan ook netjes op de poster zegt ‘Van de schrijver van Juno’ kan een risico zijn, maar ik wilde de film vooral zien voor de vrouwelijke acteurs. En Cody zou volwassenen toch niet net zo lollig en bijdehand als tieners laten praten?
Ook deze keer is er weer het moederschap, maar verder zijn de overeenkomsten klein (mannen zijn redelijk passieve sukkels, dat wel). Moeder Marlo heeft al twee kinderen, en is zwanger van de niet-geplande derde. Na de bevalling geeft haar broer haar een night nanny, zodat ze kan proberen haar leven terug te krijgen. Tully is vreemd, maar oh zo behulpzaam, en lijkt dingen echt beter te maken voor Marlo.

Ik gebruik hier natuurlijk ‘lijkt’ voor een goede reden, maar of het nu wel of niet zo is, Marlo komt weer in de buurt van haarzelf, haar leven en haar familie. Dit alles op een veel lievere manier dan ik had verwacht. En wow, wat is het moederschap stuntelen, met of zonder externe hulp.

Tully is voorlopig nog in de bios te zien.

Tully, Bron Studios 2018

The Wedding Date

Alexa Monroe walked into the Fairmont hotel in San Francisco that Thursday night wearing her favorite red heels, feeling jittery from coffee, and carrying a bottle of Veuve Clicquot champagne in her purse.

Best romance I’ve read this year. And maybe from the previous year as well, but I’d have to look that up.

And why’s that? Because there’s humans involved, from the main characters to the extras. Because reality gets room in what’s becoming a multi-racial relationship with both participants in busy jobs that don’t just disappear when not needed anymore for creating background. But mostly because the chemistry is just enormous and everything in this story is delicious, even the badder/sadder situations.

If you enjoy romances, you’ll like this one. If you want to give the genre a chance; aim high with this one.

The Wedding Date, Jasmine Guillory, Penguin Random House 2018

Early Man

89 min.

Mum and I always like to support whatever Aardman produces. It’s not just super recognisable English fun, it’s about the endless effort they put into their claymation (clay animation).

Early-Man-character-posterEarly Man is quite … muted, though. Few laughs, and although I understand that you can’t have things look very refined or play word jokes in the back because it being prehistoric surroundings, the humour was noticeably sparse. While cave men playing football to keep their surroundings sounds like something that could be idiotically funny, doesn’t it?

The other thing I wondered about was why the bad guys had German and French (sounding) accents.

It’s fun to recognise Aardman elements (the pet is smarter than the owner, the villain overruled by a woman, spunky female character), but if you want claymation, I’d recommend watched Shaun the Sheep (again).

Early Man, Aardman 2018

Black Panther

135 min.

I’ve had Jidenna’s Long Live the Chief stuck in my head ever since leaving the theater for the Black Panther showing, and I think that could give you a bit of a clue about the film and how it leaves you. Assuming you don’t hate superhero movies, and aren’t racist or sexist. P.S.: the song isn’t in the film, the soundtrack is cool and fitting (either way).

Black Panther film posterThe character of Black Panther has been shortly introduced in previous Avengers/Marvel movies, but finally he and his country get their own movie. Which of course comes with a moderately interesting villain, love interest, family issues and hardships he has to work through.

But, and here where it turns out not to be a black Captain America; the director doesn’t take one step back on the blackness and African-ness of it all. It’s in the music, it’s in the accents, it’s in the attitude; for once there’s a story in which an African people are by far the superior ones. With special mention to all the women that are allowed in the spotlight, showing all the things they can do without needing (the leadership of) men.

So even though it’s still a Marvel movie in many more colours, it’s cooler and feels less plastic. And the soundtrack, that soundtrack.

Black Panther, Marvel 2018