Books of 2015

This year was pretty disappointing? I read 84 books, and only 12 I would full-heartedly recommend. I don’t know if that means I have to start working harder on picking better books or that I’m just too spoiled. When you read a lot, you know what you don’t and do count as super good books. This doesn’t necessarily mean that I’ve had a horrible year: it’s just that there weren’t that many life changers.

In no particular order, except the one in which I read them:
Hate List surprised me with how intense a YA novel could be.
The Rathbones is beautiful and dark, a story that feels like a 3D experience.
Dorothy Must Die shows that new twists on old stories (Wizard of Oz) can work really well.
Holes seems to be well known (with Americans?) but was a surprise for me.
The Golem and the Djinni is fantasy mixed with history in the way it should be.
Playing With The Grown-ups (Dutch review) is like a piece of English pastry with a surprisingly tart undertone.
The Boys From Brazil definitely deserves the “classic” stamp.
The Circle terrified me because how close to reality it can well be. The 1984 of this century?
Kindred is a classic for another reason, (but still) needs to be read by everybody.
The Adoration of Jenna Fox (Dutch review) is another cruel YA story that makes you ponder about ethics and parental rights.
Habibi (Dutch review) is the most beautiful and mind-blowing graphic brick of a book I read this year.
Everything I Never Told You shows how the little stories can carry a lot of hurt.

Books of 2014

I read 101 books this year and didn’t review all of them (parts of a series, too disappointing, too plain, too anything else). One-hundred-and-one books are a lot, so those I can still remember, I remember for a reason. The ones I remember for a positive reason can be found below, in no particular order.

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